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Demanding Customers and Government Filing Deadlines Require Computer System Reliability For CPA Firm


Polito, Muscio Associates, LLP, CPAs (PMA) provides a variety of customized accounting, consulting and tax service for successful small businesses, high net worth individuals and trusts from its offices in Vista and Del Mar, California. Dazzling customers with superb service demands that PMA's systems operate at peak efficiency - especially during the busy April, August and October filing seasons. The firm uses several unrelated software products to perform sophisticated research, develop complex financial models and prepare an enormous number of complicated tax returns quickly and accurately. Further, PMA's on-the-go accountants need the ability to respond from their homes or elsewhere.

"Our eclectic mix of software programs used to bring our system speed to a crawl," says Paul Polito, PMA's senior partner. "Then the whole system would crash and we'd start screaming."


PMA hired KaiserITC in 1999 to create a highly stable, virtual office environment. Besides eliminating downtime, the system enables the PMA staff to easily access e-mail, centralized applications and database information from numerous locations. An interactive support system allows KaiserITC to connect to any PC and experience the exact problem a user is having. This virtual support provides a fast, efficient way to diagnose and correct problems from a central location. Further, most software and system upgrades are installed transparently or after hours to maintain the highest uptime level during the workday.

"Reducing our anxiety during the spring and fall tax seasons came down to having trust in the individuals who keep our computer systems running," added Peggy Conlee, PMA's firm administrator. "Cliff Kaiser understands our business and he frequently suggests improvements to enhance our operations," Conlee said.


  • Network downtime has been virtually eliminated.
  • CPAs can access the system from remote locations while maintaining the highest levels of information security.
  • Service and support costs are stabilized through a virtual office environment that allows engineers to manage the network from a central location.
  • A deep understanding of the CPA work environment enables KaiserITC to provide appropriate recommendations to constantly improve PMA's systems.
  • No finger pointing between/among multiple vendors; the firm has one "go to" firm to handle computing, networking, and communications.​